Comodissime per uscire attrezzati con il vostro cane , per i viaggi o le gite fuori porta
Puoi tenerle in auto o in borsetta  
Materiale 100% riutilizzabile , 100% riciclabile , 100% atossica ( esente impurità o metalli ) 
Evita i rischi di contaminazione bevendo in una ciotola solo sua
- bere in sicurezza
- no contaminazioni
- no rischi di avvelenamento
- grafica intuitiva a colori 
- testo multilingue

Inviaci le foto del tuo cane mentre le utilizza ! verranno pubblicate sui nostri social ! 

Send us photos of your dog while using them! will be published on our social networks!

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Large bottle containing 390 g of natural biscuits for dogs Beautiful gift idea for your dog or your friends' dog Beautiful to show in the kitchen Rechargeable Reusable Reclosable Recyclable

Each bottle is filled by hand, one biscuit at a time, with the utmost attention and care. We do not break the biscuits (the weight may vary by a few grams, always in excess). Italian Quality

It contains biscuits for dogs, artisanal, baked in the oven, Italian quality products, without dyes or preservatives.The different measure between them is an indication of a handmade product.The weight may vary in excess of a few grams since we do not insert broken biscuits. Small size (about two cm) suitable for any size and age, light or slightly amber in color depending on the temperature of the oven, slightly rounded at the ends. Label: Complementary feed for dogs (snacks).
Composition: wheat flour type '' 0 '', wheat flour, eggs, oils and animal fats (refined lard of pure pork), sugars (glucose syrup) Flavored with vanillin and vanilla. Each product has a regular written label in Italian or English on which you will find indicated: Net weight, Lot, date of preferable consumption, detailed composition, recommended daily quantity and company indications